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Piano tutorials by Bernard Janssen

January 2022 The A chord

February 2022 The Bb Chord ( German B )

March 2022 The B Chord ( German H )

April 2022 The C Chord


May 2022 The Db Chord

June 2022 The D Chord

July 2022 The Eb –  E flat chord

August 2022 the E Chord

September 2022 the F Chord

Piano blues accompaniment


Lead sheet piano blues accompaniment download pdf

Piano in the time of Covid 19: Practing the stride piano

Lead sheet LOVE PDF

LOVE Piano Version PDF

O holy night: learning-chords step by step

O Holy night pdf

Practice the piano in covid times

Diabelli play along L.H.


Diabelli play along R.H.


Diabelli L.H. PDF Download sheetmusic

Diabelli R.H.PDF Download sheetmusic

Download sheetmusic page 1

Download sheetmusic page 2

La petite java German pdf download

La petite java  English pdf download

La petite java play along



Anleitung/ Manual  la petite valse musette

Download Seite 1 / download page 1

Download Seite 2 / download page 2

 play along mp3 only accordion