Skype piano lessons

Piano and Accordion lessons over Skype, Zoom, Doozzoo to intermediate and advanced level students by Bernard Janssen author of the book:

  Piano-Chords step by step

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What do I need for my online piano lesson?

1.  A reliable internet connection, a ready-to-play acoustic or digital instrument:

2.  iPad or Laptop, with a webcam option, set-up  on a music desk / installed next to the piano with an overhead-angle.

3.  Preferably an external microphone and headphones.

4.  Download Skype

Online piano lessons with skype, zoom, doozzoo  60 minutes  €  30,00 per lesson



Free trial lesson 30 Minutes by Bernard Janssen: be in touch by e-mail

Payment by PayPal 45 Minute pianolesson € 30,00


One of my piano-tutorials on Youtube. For more tutorials visit the homepage:

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